Renee Lai.mp4

Yoonmi Nam - Delivered and Discarded

Jules Buck Jones | Circles and Cycles

Soomin Jung | When you call my name quietly

Bethany Johnson | Findings

Katy Horan | ROOMS

Small Acts

Elizabeth Chiles | Time Being

Cande Aguilar | It’s only barrioPOP but I like it

Bucky Miller | Slow Season

Renee Lai | A Study of Fences

Annie Arnold - Crit Group 2020

Rakhee Jain Desai - Crit Group 2020

Lydia Garcia - Crit Group 2020

Sean Ripple - Crit Group 2020

Alexandra Robinson - Crit Group 2020

Michael Stephen - Crit Group 2020

Cheyenne Weaver - Crit Group 2020

CAPIROTADA: Of a Personal Nature curated by Los Outsiders

Occupied Exhibition curated by M.E. Laursen (short)

Occupied curated by M.E. Laursen

David Alcantar | Continually, the Unnameable Moves On

Sarah Sudhoff | Point of Origin