The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing

Featured artists: Rebecca Rothfus Harrell, Sarah Hill, Ben Jurgensen, R. Eric McMaster, Katie Rose Pipkin, Bobby Scheidemann, Pat Snow, Sherwin Rivera Tibayan, Glenn Twiggs

Curated by: Andy Campbell & Sarah Bancroft

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 14, 7-10pm
  • Exhibition dates: August 14 - September 13, 2015

The Contemporary Austin and grayDUCK gallery are pleased to present The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing, featuring work by nine compelling artists who participated in the museum’s Crit Group 2015—a program that combines group critique with professional development to advance the complete artistic practice of established and emerging local artists.

The culmination of the six-month Crit Group program, The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing includes work in video, sculpture, photography, performance, painting, drawing, and expanded artistic practices such as indexing and poetry by the nine artists who participated in Crit Group 2015. Crit Group 2015 was co-facilitated by Andy Campbell and Sarah Bancroft, who also co-curated The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing.

The exhibition title, generated via a set of algorithms and web spiders crafted by Katie Rose Pipkin in her artwork headwaters, 2015, speaks to the heterogeneity of each of the participating artist’s practices and media. By turns laugh-out-loud funny and coolly cerebral, the works in The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing explore the complicated nature of authorship and craft; the regimentation, regulation and surveillance of bodies; and the politics of digital processes and the natural world.

Crit Group at The Contemporary Austin

Launched in January 2014, Crit Group brings together emerging and established Austin artists to support the work they do when they are not making art and to facilitate the growth of their complete artistic practice. Applications for Crit Group 2016 will open in late fall 2015 with a deadline of December 1, 2015.

Benjamin Jurgensen - Everyday The Same (Same Again)
Benjamin Jurgensen - Everyday The Same
Benjamin Jurgensen - Untitled
Sherwin Rivera Tibayan - Index (Proof)
Sherwin Rivera Tibayan - Index (Proof)
Sarah Hill - DOC in a Box
Sarah Hill - DOC in a Box
Sarah Hill - Installation image
Installation image
Katie Rose Pipkin - artesia, new mexico
Katie Rose Pipkin - phenomenon Is this the glass wall
Katie Rose Pipkin - Installation image
Glenn Twiggs - Head of the race at the Atlantic Wall, Oostende Belgium
Glenn Twiggs - The main body passes beneath the Lion's Mound, Waterloo Belgium
Glenn Twiggs - Black Sites #1- #4
Bobby Scheiderman - Installation image
Bobby Scheiderman - Installation image
Pat Snow - Poll Over into the Dark
Installation image
R. Eric McMaster - A Change in Atmosphere
R. Eric McMaster - A Change in Atmosphere
Installation image
Pat Snow - Death to Youth
Pat Snow - Painted Panel Series
Rebecca Rothfus Harrell - Installation image
Rebecca Rothfus Harrell - Blocked
Rebecca Rothfus Harrell - Fool's Gold
Rebecca Rothfus Harrell - Gradual
Rebecca Rothfus Harrell - Untitled (Cover Art for 787xx)
Installation image