Cade Bradshaw

  • opening reception Friday, June 23, 7-10pm
  • exhibition dates June 23 – July 23
  • artist talk Sunday, June 25, 2pm
Cade Bradshaw - Sugar galaxy
Cade Bradshaw - Wooden loops

“Eye’s Got It!” is an annual visual art competition created by Jamie Salvador Castillo that brings together a professional panel of judges and artists from all over Central Texas. Artist’s submissions are whittled down through three rounds of increasingly tougher critique and discussions. The grand prize is a solo show at grayDUCK gallery. We are excited to present this year’s winner, San Antonio artist, Cade Bradshaw who won over the judges with his meticulous sculptures and his insight into the natural world.

Cade Bradshaw

Formally trained in biology, my work uses a scientific process to explore the complexity of our world. I make observations about our environments and lives, then devise quantitative and qualitative studies. Through this analysis, I make objects exploring the nature of our realities. Of specific concern are our foundations for knowledge, and perceptions of time and space.

Biological and chemical changes happen on vast and varied scales. Trees can grow a foot or more per year, and may live to be several thousands years old. Similarly, molecules quickly assemble and disassemble to create mechanically complex chains. Both forms of growth rival the most advanced creations of mankind, yet have evolved from the deceptively simple process of repeated success and failure.

The human life span is a slim frame of reference when compared to the vastness of our universe. Our senses amass multitudes of data, and mingle with imagination and memory to produce our version of the world. Consciousness fluctuates as it attempts to reconcile this onslaught of sensory inputs. These “objective” inputs are muddled as we begin to form memories. As time passes, we are left to unravel what is remembered, and what is imagined. Little Worlds, covers a broad expanse of time and the notion of objective reality.