Joe Sinness

Joe Sinness - Veil
Joe Sinness - Almost Paradise
Joe Sinness - Left Behind
Joe Sinness - Guest Star
Joe Sinness - Tip

In my drawings, cinematic performance and sexual desire is filtered through the genre of still life. Through the process of selecting and arranging objects and subjects that I adore, photographing them, and then re-presenting them in colored pencil on paper, they - the drawings - become yet another type of fetishized commodity. The seductive trappings of photorealistic drawings of staged still lifes become glossy, yet melancholic tributes to queer performance. This performance is a type of strip tease and creates an erotic tension loop between what may be considered the sacred and the profane. I am interested in the preservation of the codes and languages of queer history and culture. Much like coded discourse, the still lifes tease but never fully reveal.