Future-Perfect-In-Past Tense

Featuring: Regina Allen, Adrian Landon Brooks, Cheryl Finfrock, D.C. Ice, Megan Kimber, Amy Kligman, Amy Rice, Jeffrey Swanson, Matthew Winters

  • opening reception: friday, november 2, 7-9pm
  • exhibition dates: november 2 - december 22, 2012

Future-perfect-in-past tense is an absolute-relative tense that involves three points in time. The tense refers to a time that is in the future, relative to another point in the past, but is in the past relative to a point in its future. This exhibition brings together 9 local and national artists from our past and our future. Here is a chance to view a diverse set of interpretations on how history affects who we are, and who we will become. This show will feature Amy Kligman’s paintings that celebrate the disruption of everyday life, Regina Allen who explores the rich historical backdrop of antique textile designs, Cheryl Finfrock’s search for a visual language of universal archetypes, and so much more.

Regina Allen - 12 Around 1, Adam
Regina Allen - 12 Around 1, Eve
Regina Allen  - Proliferation
Regina Allen - Resilience
Adrian Landon Brooks - Warpaint #4
Adrian Landon Brooks - Warpaint #2
Adrian Landon Brooks - Warpaint #1
Adrian Landon Brooks - Warpaint #3
Cheryl Finfrock - Mi Casa Habla Con La Luna
Cheryl Finfrock - Eye Of The Moon
Cheryl Finfrock - La Luna En Silencio Vigila El Movimiento De Mi Casa
Cheryl Finfrock - The Water Rocks the Castle
D.C. Ice - Mascot
DC Ice - & Now...Fame
DC Ice - Uprooted Down-Pounded
DC Ice - Rose Bush Boobie Trap
Megan Kimber - Blue Sue
Megan Kimber - Fisherman's Daughter
Megan Kimber - Albina
Megan Kimber - Feral Women Study #1
Amy Kligman - Citrus Season
Amy Kligman - Play Till You Win
Amy Kligman - Everything Goes
Amy Kligman - Empty Chairs
Amy Rice - Treats or Traps
Amy Rice - Winter Bike Ride
Amy Rice - Balance
Amy Rice - Caught