We Sort of People - Henry Horenstein Lecture and Book Signing

November 1, 2023 7pm

The last descendants of a little-known American clan of multiethnic origin

Journalist and Writer Leslie Tucker and photographer Henry Horenstein began working together in 1997, when she invited him to Maryland to shoot a mysterious multiethnic family, the little-known Wesort clan: »We sorts are different from you sorts.« The project started as a genealogical search for a family whose roots stretched back to the founding of the first Catholic colony, it grew into a mystery about the multiethnic origins of America, then became a race against time as the Wesorts and their descendants disappeared and their stories died. While Horenstein photographed the last generation of Proctors and their disappearing world, Tucker recorded the conversations she had with the wise women of the family. A living archive emerges, with voices that portray the complex realities of their lives in their own words, as seen through their eyes.