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New interview out today with @dameonlester! Hear all about his trips to Iceland and the resulting work now on view in his latest exhibition at @grayduckgallery titled Serene Disturbance until Oct 28th. Have a listen at and lets us know what you think. And if you are able, consider supporting the podcast. Just go to the support page of the website to see some options. Thanks! #interview #podcast #dameonlester #grayduck #austinartist #austinart #iceland #globalwarming #climatechange #sculpture #glacier

New interview with Dameon Lester on Austin Art Talk!


Thank you to everyone tonight who came out to support art in Austin, esp the "late night crew". Much love.

What a great opening! Thank you Dameon Lester and Sarah Walter for a beautiful show and thank you to everyone who stop by last night.


S E R E N E D I S T U R B A N C E Opening Reception, Sat 09/15, 7-10pm @grayduckgallery. On view until Sun, Oct 28. — #glacial #ice #climatechange #geometric #abstraction #minimalism #art #contemporaryart #serenedisturbance #soloshow #grayduckgallery

Today is the last day to see The Contemporary Austin's Crit Group 2018 show. We are open until 5pm. It's been a joy to work with y'all! Thank you Andrea Woody Mellard, Annette DiMeo Carlozzi, Sterling Allen, Christine Garvey, Dawn Okoro, Rachel Wolfson Smith, Jenn Hassin, Adrian Aguilera, Christa Blackwood, Ron Geibel & Landon O'Brien!

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