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Ephemeral moments: Yoonmi Nam and Amze Emmons at Grayduck Gallery — Sightlines

The works on paper by Yoonmi Nam and Amze Emmons, on view at Grayduck Gallery in separate shows, illustrate the power of simple gestures on paper. Both Nam and Emmons reveal a concern with a sense of place, each capturing the ephemeral moments when nature shifts and changes. Nam, who is based in Kan...

Thank you Sightlines and Leslie Moody Castro for a thoughtful review!

On the Mark: PrintAustin 2019 Launches — Sightlines

Artists and printmakers Cathy Savage and Elvia Perrin launched the first PrintAustin in 2014 out of a seemingly obvious, though ultimately profound, realization. With several well-established and nationally-regarded professional fine art print shops (Flatbed Press, Slugfest Press, Coronado Studio);....

Thank you Sightlines for the shout out!

Thank you Glasstire for recommending Yoonmi Nam's show! Tomorrow night is Amze Emmons & Yoonmi Nam's opening. See y'all soon. #printaustin2019

"Suchitra Mattai: Landfall" at grayDUCK Gallery

The artist's channeled chaos vividly explores relationships between the natural and human worlds

Thank you Wayne Alan Brenner and the Austin Chronicle for the lovely review of Suchitra Mattai's show! This is the last weekend to she her artwork in person.

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So looking forward to tomorrow’s opening! Come meet artists @yoonmi_nam & #amzeemmons and see their beautiful work. - detail of “Guys and Fries” by @yoonmi_nam. #printaustin2019