grayDUCK's sister space, decoy, is a sometimes pop-up gallery within (or relatively near) the walls of grayDUCK Gallery. As an adjunct space, decoy provides flexibility that is not always possible with grayDUCK’s long projected exhibition calendar. For decoy, the progression from conception to curation to presentation is greatly reduced, providing an opportunity to show work that is relevant to a particular event, or is only available for a condensed period.

decoy can maintain a nimble calendar with abbreviated shows lasting only a day or a weekend, or work may be displayed concurrently with grayDUCK’s typical month long exhibitions.


Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana - David Culpepper

  • Opening: Friday, April 1, 7-10pm
  • Exhibition dates: April 1 - May 1

“A garden path should have a little give, like a good cantaloupe should, and begs turning. To switchback or parallel parse. Otherwise, it's more likely a desire path, needling to the point, where foreplay is just meandering and bad design. Both ways are worth it, time-sensitive as a banana, pragmatic or quixotic, with the shared goal of destination recognition.” - T.J. Lemanski

Continuous navigation through space hinges on the guidance of visual cues. These cues rely on wayfinding design and communicate with the viewer through an invitation of perception and in an exercise of interpretation. Wayfinding is a language utilizing symbol and placement as tools, sharing elements and exploring inquiries of semantics. Denotation and connotation are at work in both the treatment of surfaces as well as with the degree of craftsmanship.


David Culpepper received his BFA from VCU in 2010. He currently works at The Blanton Museum of Art, installing and handling artworks. He is also a co-founder of Ink Tank and Free Beer Podcast. His recent solo exhibitions include Central Air at SOFA Gallery (2015), Wake Me When It’s Quittin’ Time at Co-Lab Projects (2014), and Walkathon for Whatever at Big Medium Bolm (2014). David was the recipient for Best Solo Show 2014-2015 from The Austin Critic’s Table Awards.

    David Culpepper - Visions and values
    David Culpepper - Sweet organic
    David Culpper - Jazz apple